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4pm - 9pm



Round-Robin Tournament

Our RR Tournament on every Friday night is no longer available until further notice.

Edge TT Club  OPEN  RR Tournament
-All games start with a round robin with  2 players advance to the single elimination.

        -Edge TT Club's "Gift Certificate" for any table tennis products are given as the

          1st and 2nd prize winners. .

  • Any player who wins two consecutive first place in the OPEN or U1700 will not qualify for the winning prize for next two tournaments.
  • The rating should be under 2200 and within a year to be qualified for the prize.
  • Over 2200 players can play, but no prize when win 1st or 2nd.
  • Non-sanctioned tournament that doesn't affect your ratings, but will help you to play better for your coming rated tournament.
  • We are open for round-robin OPEN tournament every other Friday, starting at 7pm
  • Registered players must show up at least 15 minutes before 7pm or defalt.
  • Any player over 1700 or close USATT ratings are invited
  • Entry fee for OPEN is $10

Please call  to sign up asap.

          Edge TT Club U1700 RR Tournament

  *The rating should be within a year to be qualified for the winning prizes.

   *When non-rated, not-qualified player wins either 1st or 2nd place, he/she

     only gets two 3star tournament balls for the prize.

   *Any players over the rating of 800 can play and the entry fee is $10.

   *Non-sanctioned club tournament on every Friday night alternatively

     having one Friday night is for OPEN, then the next one is for U1700.

   *The match starts at 7pm and the players are to be checked in by 15

     minutes before the starting time.




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Phone: (630)862-0684