Cost & Open hours

Mon-Fri (2pm-5pm) $7 : We open this hours mostly for seniors, beginners and intermediate players,
All  players are welcom!!!
Membership $40/mo
We close between 5pm and 6:30pm, Mon thru Friday.
Mon-Fri : (6:30pm-10pm) $9
Saturday: (5pm-10pm) $9
Sunday: (4pm-9pm) $9
Membership $80/mo or $140/2 mo

Or Rent Table : $14/hour 
(for 2 players or $3 extra for additional player)


We provide lessons for beginners from age 8+
$35 / hour

Rent for Events

$200 for 2-3 hours (usually from 8pm to 11pm.)
other hours are $50 more.
Non-opening hours are regular rates.
$300 for up to 4 hours 
(Add $100 for each additional hour.)
or call Ken @ 630-862-0684 for detail.